Top 3 Biggest Winnings in Casino History

There have been stories around punters who’ve made a lot of fortunes off the online kladionice. When these stories are told, perhaps, you wonder whether they’re real or well-crafted fiction.

Of course, winning bets at casinos comes with a mix of luck and strategy. Maybe the former, more often, plays out. After all, some first-time comers have had luck smile at them at casinos in the past and made millions of dollars from investing as low as $50.

There are casino winners every day; what you’ll find far in between are big winners.

$590.5 million – Gloria McKenzie (≈ €527.16 million*)

How would an 84-year-old grandma spend a hefty $590.5 million? This was the question perhaps in the mouth of many when American Gloria Mckenzie set a record of the biggest casino winning in history.

But the story of the biggest casino winnings in history cannot be told without a mention of Gloria. In May 2013 in Zephyrhills in Florida, Gloria broke and usurped the record long held by Greek Archie Karas to become the biggest casino winner. Gloria, a diehard lottery ardent won the highest single in the Powerball jackpot after wrapping up a $590.5 million. She won 1 in 175 million and cashed out half of the total money won. Gloria’s claim to the entire winning was put at 30 different instalments but she opted for $245 million instead. Gloria was said to have shown a fellow punter an act of kindness by letting him take her place on the queue. cost a fortune, and this one was worth half a billion dollars.

Archie Karas: $50 for $40million

How’d you immediately believe that a paltry $50 bet could make anyone walk away with whopping $40 million? Doubtful, right? I’m also sure the day this Greek immigrant visited the Las Vegas casino, he’d never thought his winning streak could come just like that.

Archie could have gone home with the initial $10,000 winning; but he stuck to his guns and, in a little over two years, cumulatively won a $40 million fortune at poker tables. He was a victor over Stu Ungar, the great poker master.

But like a flash in the pan, Archie’s fortunes vanished almost instantly. The first three weeks of his winning streak, Archie lost $17 million (about one-fourth of his big winnings) to a baccarat game. Another $2 million was disappeared to poker a few weeks after. The remaining three quarter was staked and lost at different rounds. Archie was eventually permanently suspended from gambling and casino-related activities.

$39.7 million – Anonymous

Our list of the 3 largest casino winnings in history will stop on another man, whose identity remains anonymous to date. Although often called ‘Anonymous Peter, the winner met luck while killing some time. Peter was reported to be waiting for a basketball match when he decided to check in at Excalibur casino while the clock ticked until the game started.

However, while waiting, the man staked $100 on video slots (progressive jackpot) with the hope of claiming $40 million. Alas, what was a mere wish turned out to be a reality as the initial deposit on 1 in 16.7 million odds was enough to turn in the expected $40 million!

Peter, instead of cashing out all at once, opted for annual instalments of $1.5 million for two and a half decades. If you’re a type that loves to kill time by making an on-the-spot betting decision, Peter’s story might just be the motivation you need.

Final Thoughts

Our biggest stories here may sound too weird or unreal to be true until you take fate, faith and chance to the nearest casino. It may happen the same way it happened to excited Archie, Gloria, and Peter. Don’t forget, casino betting requires some strategies and you’ll need to do some reading. The online kladionice aren’t self-centered as you may think. Some big winners who go unreported


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