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Ghana Bonanza Banker Today

Ghana Bonanza Banker Today will surely drop live Banker:39 Direct:39-35 Permutation:39-35-69-65-79-72 This game is the combination of different forecasters prediction and i believe it will drop live. You can also learn How To Play Lotto Online This will really guide you on the step by step on how to play online, that will really help […]

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Past Result To Forecast Monday Game

Below are the Past Result To Forecast Monday Game bot the Indoor Games and Ghana Lotto. PAST RESULT ON MONDAY DATE: 12••06••2017 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• GOLDEN CHANCE: SUNRISE DATE: 04-07-2016 SUCCESS: 07-09-75-44-62 MACHINE: 89-50-58-20-36 GOLDEN CHANCE: SUNRISE DATE: 11-07-2016 SUCCESS: 22-87-12-62-66 MACHINE: 23-20-25-09-57 GOLDEN CHANCE: SUNRISE DATE: 18-07-2016 SUCCESS: 15-40-90-83-60 MACHINE: 84-62-14-07-56 GOLDEN CHANCE: SUNRISE DATE: 25-07-2016 […]

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Ghana National Banker Today

Winning is a fun….but winning is not the point. Aiming to win and not giving up is the point. Never letting up is the point. Never being satisfied with what you have done is the point. ??Ghana National Predictions:?? 22:18:55:75:90 It will turn to joy?? ?????? Banker…… 22. Direct: ??22-18 Play like a winner 6,443 total […]

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