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Few Days To Your Wedding, You Discover Your Lady Already As A Child, What Would You Do?


Ladies can be cruel sometimes but have you ever thought they might be cruel and wicked sometimes.

She has been advocating for intimacy ever since we started the relationship and she often tells me to never leave her and to always try my best to ensure I don’t keep anything away from her.

I always felt she has a secret to tell me about a certain boy she and her mum claims to be a distant sister’s child.

I could have known she is Mother of the child since she gets too emotional about the boy.

I always wondered how and why she could be this caring and emotional when it Comes to issues concerning him.

We talk almost every hour of the day and she made me belief that true love really exists. although she is Every man’s dream wife.

She’s got all the qualities a man would ever require from a woman but what baffles me how she managed to keep such a big and huge secret from me for so long.

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I already like the boy because I learn to support whatever she does.

I pay his school fees just to assist her financially since she claims she has pledged to be responsible for the boy’s upkeep since she collected him from his parents due to the fact that they can’t take care of him.

She fooled me and made me believe everything she told me about the boy.

We fixed a date for our Marriage and just a few weeks after we fixed our date, i noticed some changes in her attitude.

She always get too carried away and sometimes, she tells me she want to inform me about something very important.

Whenever I ask her to go on with the convo, she changes the whole topic, this continued for a while and I had to tell her parent what I noticed about her.

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I summoned a meeting between myself, her, and her parents and i told them to help me ask he to what she has been wanting to tell me but they all turned the issue to a joke.

I was forced to believe that a well until this Saturday, when I saw a letter at my door step with the whole details and they writer, bears her name followed by an apology text from her.

I was devastated, used, fooled, mad, and all sort of things at first. I was lifeless at first, I became unconscious for a while, I wondered why she and her parents kept such a huge secret from me all these while.

It made me have too much doubts on everything they all tried telling me since then, I have told my people about this whole thing.

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Some people have been telling me to go on with the whole thing but am still not Myself cause I don’t know what else to go do.

Should I Go On With The Wedding Despite This Cruel Act I Experienced?

For my fiancée and her parents to clearly keep such a huge thing from me, don’t you think they are dangerous, don’t you think they might be keeping or might still have another secret they are hiding away from me?

I really need your sincere and utmost advice right now because earlier I know, the better.Help me save myself from getting into a prison in form of marriage.

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